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About Run For Hope

Join us for the Run For Hope, Singapore's largest run in aid of cancer research!

Since 1993, the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore has been organizing this annual event, bringing together thousands of participants to support critical cancer research. In partnership with the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) since 2008, Run For Hope raises awareness and vital funds for life-saving research conducted by dedicated scientists at the NCCS.

Every year, over 12,000 individuals in Singapore are diagnosed with cancer. But with advancements in science and the unwavering commitment of researchers at NCCS, there is hope for cancer patients. By participating in Run For Hope, you not only contribute to cancer research but also help raise awareness about lesser-known types of cancer and the challenges faced by those battling the illness every day.

Run For Hope welcomes everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. It's a non-competitive leisure run that combines a worthy cause with fun and camaraderie. Join us as we come together to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and support the groundbreaking work of NCCS.

Together, we can run towards a future where cancer is no longer a life-threatening disease. Lace up your running shoes and be a part of the Run For Hope movement!


Honoring a Legacy of Hope and Compassion

In 1978, tragedy struck the Sharp family when Isadore Sharp, the CEO and founder of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, lost his son Christopher to melanoma cancer. In memory of his beloved son, Mr. Sharp embarked on a mission to make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Inspired by the remarkable Terry Fox, who ran across Canada despite losing a leg to cancer, Mr. Sharp spearheaded a global program that established annual runs in cities where Four Seasons hotels and resorts are located. These runs became a powerful platform for raising funds and awareness for cancer research.

Driven by a deep conviction that more could be done, Mr. Sharp ensured that his legacy continued even after Terry's passing. For over 40 years, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts have organized events worldwide, mobilizing their communities to support cancer research and care.

The spirit of compassion and determination lives on, as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts strive to create a brighter future for those affected by cancer. Together, we honor the memories of loved ones lost and inspire hope for a world without cancer.

Join us as we continue the journey of making a meaningful impact in the fight against this devastating disease. Together, we can create a future where cancer is no longer a threat to our loved ones.

Why Join Run For Hope?

There are more reasons for you to support the run and continue the legacy. Show your support for cancer patients and their families, bust off daily work stress, keep fit, have fun, and make a difference with your colleagues, family, friends, and or children!

An average of 14, 000 new cancer cases occurred in Singapore each year between 2014 – 2018. It is no longer rare to find someone you know or love is or was affected by cancer. The threat of cancer is very real with the disease accounting for 28,135 deaths in 2014-2018. However, with advances in science and robust cancer research activities, we are hopeful that the progressive breakthroughs made by the NCCS team can lead to a cure.

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Exclusively tucked along a lush tree-lined boulevard, just steps from Orchard Road, the city’s shopping and commercial heart, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore is a tranquil urban retreat, pulsing with sophistication and multicultural energies. Inspired by the nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site, Singapore Botanic Gardens, our perfect urban sanctuary is complemented by award-winning restaurants and wellness facilities.

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The National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) is a leading national and regional tertiary cancer centre with specialists who are experts in treating cancer. NCCS attends to 65 per cent of all cancer cases in Singapore’s public healthcare sector. In addition to offering holistic and multidisciplinary oncology care, our clinicians and scientists collaborate with local and international partners to conduct robust, cutting-edge clinical and translational research. To achieve the vision of being a global leading cancer centre, NCCS offers world class care and shares its depth of experience and expertise by training local and overseas medical professionals.